Alpha Bear Productions is an independent production company based in London. We make commercial films for the global market. 

We commission and develop our own projects for our slate, collaborating with talented filmmakers and creatives to bring them to life.  We look for compelling bold stories that audiences will want to see

With in-house finance and strong distribution relationships, Alpha Bear works with a variety of partners to bring our films to the screen.


Urs Brunner - CEO

CEO and entrepreneur Urs Brunner has financed and produced several feature films with Alpha Bear’s Thai sister company Angel and Bear Productions.

His films include rom-com BITTERSWEET with Kip Pardue and James Brolin, horror HELLGATE with Cary Elwes and William Hurt, Thai romance SHE: THEIR LOVE STORY, horror DEVIL MAY CALL, and Thai ghost comedy PEE KAO PEE OOK/POSSESSED.

He continues to finance and produce in Asia , with genre film THE SNAKE QUEEN with director Lee Thongkham in pre-production.

In addition to his producing, he is the co-author of non fiction historical book KITTY’S SALON. The book was published in Germany in 2020, with the English language release due in Autumn 2021. 

Nadin Hadi - Creative Director

Nadin Hadi started her career in film in distribution as a sales agent and then as a buyer’s rep, advising distributors on their acquisitions.

She attended the major film markets for over five years and covered hundreds of projects. Clients included Dutch Filmworks, Umbrella, Fabula, Suraya, Cine Video y TV for Latin America and more.

Nadin has taught on film distribution for BFI Network Wales, Scottish Talent Network, Northern Ireland Screen and gave keynotes for the Norwegian Film Institute and the Berlinale on trends in the industry.

She moved into producing, partnering with Urs Brunner to form Alpha Bear Productions and oversees the company’s slate, co-productions and partnerships.


We do not accept unsolicited scripts, designs or story ideas for film, web or TV or any known media.

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