Project: Feature Film

Genre: Creature/War/Survival

Status: In development

Writer: Tom Hemmings

Synopsis: Inspired by true events. A new recruit, a Burmese guide and a group of British Indian forces are sent into the mangrove swamps on Ramree Island to obtain key information that could turn the tide of the war.

Instead, they walk into an ambush that kills their commanding officer.

Lost, leaderless, and deep behind enemy lines, the squad needs to make it back with their Japanese hostage from the ambush who claims to have the vital intelligence they need.

But the attack has driven the island’s saltwater crocodiles into a frenzy and revealed the fractures in the squad. Surrounded by enemies, torn apart by infighting and stalked by scaly prehistoric predators, the soldiers have to fight for survival to make it back alive, complete their mission and end the war.


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