Project: Feature film

Genre: Horror

Status: In development

Writer: Lydia Mulvey

Logline: Two childhood friends on a road trip to a new life must fight for survival when they are trapped in their moving car with a malevolent force that wants to kill them.

Synopsis: Tamara Clarke is finally breaking away from the dusty small town life she thought she was doomed to endure until her dying day. Along with her childhood friend Robyn Beaches, she’s embarking on a 1500 mile road trip to a new life Oregon.

But the past doesn’t let go that easily and when they stop to say goodbye to an old classmate who passed away in tragic circumstances, they kickstart a chain of events with a malevolent force that wants to kill them.

Unable to stop the car or face certain death, Tamara and Robyn must work together to find a way out of their predicament while their friendship dies and a lifetime of resentment bubbles over. It soon becomes clear if they want to claim their future, they need to take responsibility for their past.


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